We are involved in many service projects.
We adopt a family during the holidays, participate in Meals On Wheels, donate intems and help with Holiday dinners at Hill Home Women's Shelter, collect soda tabs and box tops for the Ronald McDonald House and local schools, participate in Color A Smile, which sends drawings and artwork to people in nursing facilities, clean-up a local park in celebration of Earth Day Collect and donate “Birthday Bags” to local charities.
We participate in various other charitable events and projects such as Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, etc. Helping Hands A voluntary program in which members provide meals, child-care and/or other assistance when fellow members have had a baby, a medical emergency, or any other situation where our help is needed.

Life can be hard any day, but when stresses run high, it’s nice to know that a hot meal or support is on its way.